Monday, January 14, 2013

Twitter Confused! Who? Yes, ME!! @ChristyBoug #reallyneedtoconquer

A little Twitter anyone?
Okay I'll be the first to admit that...
YES, I live on Facebook!
YES, I love Ebay!
YES, I love Etsy More!
YES, I am addicted to Pinterest!
YES, I am on twitter
So my new goal is to not only keep up with "BOTH" of my blogs.....Maybe even start a third one....
AND to seriously "TWEET" a lot more often.
So this week I have made it a point to actually get on twitter and read peoples random thoughts, doings, etc.
But the whole @ thing and # thing really confuses me. (don't judge, I get confused easily!)
I understand what they are and why but I find twitter hard to navigate so I'm determined to figure this out and like Nike....JUST DO IT!
so if you are a "tweet peep" of mine, @ me and say hello and hopefully I can figure out how to "tweet" hello back!


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