Sunday, May 13, 2012

Metal? or is it?

Since Mother's Day is winding down to a finish I thought I'd share a fun, easy project that has a big impact on looks.

Start with a paper mache' object of choice.  Mine was a small cylinder box.

Get yourself some air conditioning duct tape. Yes, you heard right!
Those hardware stores are a mixed media artists' playland!

Cut into random size pieces.  Some small and some larger but keep in mind if you have a larger object then you might want to go larger pieces because if not you will be at this step foreverrrrr.

Peel the sticky back and put all over your object overlapping in all kinds of different directions.  Remember you want this to be random and there is no wrong way.

Next we add demension. 

You will need a paper piercer (or large needle of some sort)
Retractable ink pen
and something with a sharp/crisp edge like a letter opener or pan scraper or credit card

Using your piercer, go along the seams poking holes on some

Use your pen by placing it down along the seam, then press the button to "try" and push open the pen. (this creates a rivet look)

then use your flat edge item to create small lines like stitching

Next get out your alcohol inks.  NOTE: if you use Pitch Black you get a true gunmetal look

I used Ginger, Meadow and tiny bit of stream

I was trying to go for that weathered copper patina

I used my trusty blending tool with felt from Ranger of course!

and little dabs is all you need!

Pounce it all over your project then let dry.

After it is dry, use steel wool or a sanding block of some sort to sand away most of your alcohol inks revealing all the ink that has settled into those joints you made.  (I used my Vintaj sanding tool)

And Tada! Now you have a paper mache' object that looks like metal that has been hammered, poked, riveted, etc.  FUN and COOL!

Mine didn't get quiet as copper looking as I wanted once I sanded it, but that's okay. I still like it and that's all that matters!

Hope you enjoy and please try this. It's easy and fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with.


  1. I really like this!! Thanks for sharing, I will be trying this soon. :)

  2. Great. I love sharing cool projects with crafty friends. Keep checking back as I will be posting new projects and tips on a regular basis. Thanks for being part of my blog!

  3. So cool I never would have thought of that. New follower! I'd love for you to check out our blog

  4. Thanks so much, my best friends! I will definitely go check out the blog right now.

  5. Very cool technique! Duct tape... who would have thought!