Friday, October 7, 2011

Creative Cruise Pics!

Here are a few pics from the cruise. I will post the Tim Pics tomorrow for all of you Tim Holtz fans!!!

The "Big" ship!  15 decks! Ice rink, flow rider, rock wall, basketball court, putt putt, pools for days and more!

Here is Donna and I at the start of our first class on ship!

And let's just say that more times than one did we end up in the "restricted" areas of the ship without even trying to get lost.  It just us....imagine that?  So after the 3rd time I told Donna that we so had to take pics of that being that we were scrapbookers and all! lol!

The Port of Beautiful St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands!!! Breathtaking!

And Introducing Mr. Turtle!! He and I were great buds! Oh So cute!

Donna and I on one of the formal nights at Dinner! Beautimus!

And the last night on ship, we told our stateroom attendant that we wanted an entire towel family and this is what we came home to!  He delivered and got a huge tip! lol!  
Thanks AL!

And yes, we had a balcony room with an amazing view of the prettiest turquoise colored water ever!!!!! Amazing!

Me dancing the night away!

And what cruise would be complete without the Muster Drill!  So here we are looking all cute like with our life vests on if I do say so myself!  lol!

So this is just a glimpse into the 700ish pictures that I took on this amazing journey that we went on!  Lets just say I have a ton of scrapbooking to do.