Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogtastic!!!! Wow!!!

I am fairly new to the blogging world (as a blogger that is! - I've always been a!)  So to receive The Versatile Blogger award from my sweet friend Missy at was very much a surprise and an honor! Thank you Missy for thinking of me and my little blog!

The rules for this award are:


  1. Love your blog Christy! Maybe I should try to resurrect my old one I haven't touched since 2007.

  2. Hi Christy!
    Found you through Melissa's VBA's. You know that makes you famous now, don't you? ; )

    Can't wait to take a look at your choices...I'm a newbie, too, and love discovering new reads!
    Come visit! I'm following...looks like we share some common interests. Enjoy your weekend.