Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art from the Cruise!!!!

Ok Peeps, I know all of you have been dying to see what fabulous Art I have created on the cruise so wait no further!  Below is a couple of the projects that we created on the cruise.

First up was the insert to our very own travel mug.  Very cute and you can create different inserts for different Holidays or occasions and just change them out.  Also great way to personal a gift for someone!

Who is Chris you ask?  Why me of course.  Chris is the name my honeybear and close family and friends call me and I like it!!!

So Next up was a trinket tray or "shadow box" type of project that we created.  This was a big project because these were bare paper boxes when we started.  We covered the inside of each box with paper, then used Tim's tissue tape to tape up all of the joints to make it really strong.
After taping, we "finger painted" different caribbean colors all over randomly, then I used his distress ink pad to distress it more and knock down some of the brightness!

Then while in ports, we collected little trinkets and reminders of our trips to the islands that we could put into our tray.  Of course Tim gave us tons of items from his line as well as others that we could also use.

Below is my finished box and I love it!

It will now become a work of art for a wall in my house!  I have shells I collected and magnets and charms that I traded with friends I met on the cruise.  so very cool!  I can't wait to make more!

Next post will be about our other two projects so Stay tuned!