Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sneaky Teaser Tags!!!!

One Vintage porcelain tray! (an awesome little find I found at an antique shop, sooo handy)

A ton of Inks, spritz, and sprays (what the difference is between a spritz and a spray, IDK...but it sounds good Right?)

 a ton of blank nude tags (forgot to take photo so insert imaginary photo of tags HERE!)

OH and one sleepy little helper snoozing away in  my lap! (NO IT'S NOT A SKINNY RABBIT, IT'S MY SKINNY TACO BELL DOG WITH BIG EARS)....STOP LAUGHING....I CAN SEE YOU!

 Equals a great start to some amazing tags! And trust me people they will be amazing!  YOU will want one!

Ahhhhh, the hands of an artist! It's not fun unless you get down an dirty! (seriously, I usually use gloves. Not sure why I didn't here!)

So next post will hopefully be the finished product for all to see! 
Stay Tuned!


  1. Can't wait to see! Have you tried the Distress Stains yet? I am seriously in love with those.

  2. Yes Danielle i have all the colors...I haven't used them a lot yet...I can't wait to experiment!!!

  3. I'm working on the finished products now...will post very soon!