Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Smashing idea?

So here is another Sneak Peak for you.  It is the start of my SmashBook for my cruise.  Yes You can buy these, but is that what an artist does? Not this one!  So I made mine from scratch and you get to see it!

First you ask what is a SmashBook?  Well its a book that you can smash all of your cool keepsakes into.  It can be tickets, paper clippings, notes, napkins, matchbooks, etc.  If you can smash it in there, anything goes!

This will be the cover. It is in it's beginning stage at the moment.  Yes I like the very distressed, grunged up leather look.  I still have to "Cinch" my holes for the front/back cover and decorate it of course.

Here is the first page. So that I know exactly where i'm going!

Here is a pocket page that I made out of window screen. (yes I like to repurpose products)  It holds my sticky pads and tabs for when I need to jot down something.

And these are just mailing envelopes that I spritzed and inked up so that I can hold all of my treasures.
Although not finished here either, there will be some ribbon, stamps, whatever I feel like added later.

  And here are the same mailing envelopes cut to make into pockets!

It is definitely a process but I'm having a ball getting to the finish line.  I'll post pics of my finished book as soon as it's done. Wish me luck!


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