Thursday, September 1, 2011

Got Charms?

Charms, Charms and more Charms!  I'm up to my ears in them. Trying to get them finished because these have to be mailed in by the 19th so that they can be sorted to hand out to our crafty cruise friends.

Here is some in the making. They have to be made with all Tim Holtz products which they are, right down to the paper and glue!

Added the lobster claws!

Finished products.  

These are some of the finished ones.  The end is insight with this particular set.  Now onto the tags and ATC that we will trade! Oh the joys of a crafter!



  1. Really cool! I sent mine out in the mail yesterday. Glad it's behind me! Can't wait to see yours in person. Mine are on my blog too.

    See you at the ship!


  2. Your charms look awesome! I can't wait to see them in person. See you on the big ship!

  3. Thanks guys...I can't wait to meet both of you on the big ship as well. barbara I'm going check out your blog right now.