Friday, August 12, 2011

Has Summer really gone?

Does Summer really have to leave just because School is back in session?  I don't think so. We live in Louisiana people.  There are plenty of more days left that will be hot, sticky, sunshine, lay around the pool and BBQ kind of days.  Just maybe not during the week.  We wear shorts in November, remember?

Well I know my summer isn't finished because I'll be going on a cruise to the Caribbean in September and I can't wait!  Here is a few pics of our vacation in KeyWest just to show you some fun we had this summer.

Meet my HoneyBear! Handsome Right? 

It's Meeeee!

HoneyBear climbing the wall like a big kid!

That's HoneyBear in the middle, snorkeling!

Yep! I rode that!

HoneyBear diving in to go Play!

My Toes in Sand! Ahhhhhh......

This was our resort and Yes we sure did relax in those hammocks at night. It was soo relaxing!

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