Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ever Heard of a Mountain Bed?

A Mountain Bed. What? That's what I said when I was told we got a Mountain Bed.  Well now I know why it's called a "Mountain Bed".  Because it's as tall as a mountain.  I literally have to climbed the steps to get into it every night.  But being 4ft 11inches, that's no surprise anyway.  But Honeybear (that's what I call my Man) is 6ft 1 you see so to him it's just the right size.  

Does Goldielocks and the 3 Bears sound familiar? 

Anyway we have had this bed for several months now and I've come to really love it.  It's sort of like when you drive a small car for a long time then you get a giant SUV.  You sit up so high and you come to love it. It's the same with the Mountain Bed.  I do love it!

And as you can see from the photo's we have lots of storage underneath. I still haven't gotten a dust ruffle to hide said storage but that will come in due time.  Of course since the bed sits up so high we had to put the TV up high enough so that when we watch a movie late at night in bed, we can see!



  1. Saying "Hi", as a fellow ATTer and will see you on the cruise in a few weeks! My cousin Pat and I are going, too. It will be our second Tim Cruise. You'll have soooo much fun!

    Enjoy your blogging days!

    Lorraine aka grannypoppy

  2. Aww thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to meet you!