Monday, August 29, 2011

Circa 1857...Cool little place!

We had to go to Downtown Baton Rouge today for just a few minutes and then we had a little time to kill. So what do you do? Well stop at one of the coolest little antique/art/vintage places around. 
Circa 1857

Oh what could you make with those wagon wheels? Table? Decorative yard piece? hmmmm.....

But before looking around, it was lunch time so we ate at the quaint little cafe' they have inside and this was our view.

And it's Honeybear...getting his vintage shop on and oh yes does he love to look through all these nooks and crannies to find a bargain!

This was a sweet little treasure that I snatched up!

And HoneyBear just had to have this cool vintage bottle, especially because it actually had his name on it. Meant to be?...I think so!

So if you are ever downtown and have never stopped in at Circa 1857 you might want to because you never know, you just may find a cool little treasure that you can't live without!

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